A Round in the Life of a Fighter

June 19, 2009

antonio alteradaChloe was her name.

She had a sweet dream and a bitter reality.

But she was a happy girl.  Her real life couldn’t vanquish her spirit.

On the contrary, it gave her strength.

The fighting started from the moment she woke up every day.

A necessary evil.

With pain and hope, she fought for her dream.

She fought for what she believed would be but a brief moment in her life.  And she was a strong believer.

She was strong, both physically and mentally.

She had strong and beautiful legs.

And a strong and beautiful heart.

She recorded her entire life in her black and white composition book.

Day after day she meted out her story, like the punishing blows of a brawler.

Her words crashed and collided onto the pages.  This would be a fight to remember, she was certain.

She fought with all her might every single time she stepped into the ring.

She realized that in order to win, she must move with power and grace as well as character.

She was acutely aware that very important people were present.  They attentively observed her dramatic skills.

Famous producers, directors, actors and actresses, all there in the heart of Las Vegas, following her every move.

Every one of them eyeing her, she walked with the slow and deliberate rhythm of a superstar.

She sashayed with grace and energy.

Her feet danced around the ring.

Finally, arms raised high in the air after the match, she was seen as a great fighter.  This was her fantasy.  She was on cloud nine.

Those worthies were taking notice of her now.  Just as she had always dreamed they would.

She was charming, sexy, talented.

She knew that she would be bigger than Stallone, even bigger than Cat Woman, bigger than any fighter- real or imaginary.

Round one, round two, round three.

The way she beamed, the way she sauntered from round to round wasn’t something that just anyone could do.

One had to be special to pull off what she did.

People told her that she had a gift.

She had a bitter reality and a sweet secret.  She dreamed of being a famous actress.

Every time she stepped into the ring, she hoped that just one of those influential people in the audience would recognize her talent.  Beyond her ability to hop into the ring in high heels while toting the poster for the next round.

Her name was Chloe.  She was a ringside girl.   And she was fighting for her dreams, waiting for her moment to be discovered as the next world class actress.

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Antonio Costa Neto is freelancer writer and has worked in some of the most important ad agencies in Brazil and the United States. He now lives in Miami where he owns and operates a marketing consultant company. Throughout his career in advertising, he has won top international awards in the Cannes, London and New York festivals, as well as in the Clio Awards and many Latin American festivals. Antonio Costa Neto has written numerous plays and screen plays in Brazil.
Womb Wrecker Syndrome is his second book.Antonio holds a BA in philosophy and sociology from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul.


facebook: Antonio Costa Neto



4 Responses to “A Round in the Life of a Fighter”

  1. hahaha, amável e absolutamente filmável

    • acostaneto said

      Thank you my friend. By the way, I love Canal Londres. I lived in London one and half year , in 1990. It brings me wonderful memories. Keep coming back here. My plan is to post two stories a month.
      Toninho Neto

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